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Madoka Magica - Extra Puella Magi

MARGARETA (1. Tibet Girl)
The Fairy Witch with a fearful nature.  She resides alone in her lair while she worries of her eventual demise.  She is easily startled and will become afraid of anything that approaches her, including her own Minions.  Despite her cowardice, she can summon the worst fear of those who attack her.

Minion of the Fairy Witch.  His duty is to scare.  He is able to take on the form of a human's greatest fear.  He will scare anyone who tries to approach the Witch.  He himself will not approach the Witch, as he does not want to terrify her even more.  

ALEXANDRA (2. Savannah Girl)
The Hunter Witch with a protective nature.  Her world is shaped like an African savannah.  She is very territorial and will attack anything that enters her world.  When a human enters her world, she will not rest until she has killed it.  Her heightened senses allow her to sense when intruders have entered her realm.

Minion of the Hunter Witch.  His duty is to graze.  He lives his life in the Witch's world like a regular animal.  He is not interested with humans.  The Witch will occasionally kill several of them in order to supplement her diet.

Minion of the Hunter Witch.  Her duty is ambush.  When humans enter the Witch's world, several of them will surprise them and attempt to make a kill before the Witch does.  Her large mask protects her small body.

THEODORA (3. Bear Girl)
The Bear Witch with a generous nature.  She collects honey from her hive and is very willing to share it.  When she finds out that there's no honey left she flies into a rage.  Tired of stealing the honey from bees she tries to make her own with poor results.  Because her world is shaped like an amusement park, she will occasionally enjoy the attractions.

Minion of the Bear Witch.  He has two different duties, depending on his color.  If he is red, his duty is to collect nectar to make the honey that the Witch desires.  If he is blue, his duty is to maintain the safety of the attractions that the Witch attends.  He will give confectionaries to humans who enter the Witch's world.

SAMANTHA (4. Viking Girl)
The Valkyrie Witch with a violent nature.  She is a highly aggressive Witch.  She lives for the thrill of battle and is always looking for a fight.  Her armor was forged from indestructible steel.  She loves to battle other Witches the most.  If one can calm her down even for just a moment, she will be grateful.

Minion of the Valkyrie Witch.  His duty is to search for opponents.  He ventures into the human to search for humans strong enough to fight the Witch.  He is afraid of fighting the witch himself due to her ferocity in battle.  He also entices other Witches into fighting his parents through tricky means.

KAROLINA (5. Pompeii Girl)
The Salamander Witch with a passionate nature.  Her body burns with a fiery aura as she creates beautiful flames.  She wanders the world, searching for her fated lover.  When she finally finds her lover, the two beings will dance together in an eternal embrace of flames.  On that day, she will know nothing more.  It is a rumor that she has a rivalry with the Mermaid Witch.

Minion of the Salamander Witch.  His duty is to charm the Witch.  He is a failure at his duty because the Witch is focused on finding her lover.  He still uses his charm to absorb the souls of human females.
EDIT: [link] + [link] : Karolina and Cornelius done by :iconseashellattorney:

EDIT: [link] + [link] : Samantha + Durwin done by :iconseashellattorney:

EDIT: [link] + [link] Alvin : Margareta and Alvin done by :iconseashellattorney:

EDIT: [link] + [link] + [link] : Alexandra and co. done by :iconseashellattorney:

EDIT: [link] + [link] : Theodra and Maxman done by :iconseashellattorney:

Greetings, fellow Madoka-natics.

Here’s the next in my series of Witch-related posts.

If you recall during the last episode of the series, Madoka rescued five unidentified magical girls after having her wish granted (shown in the picture above). We know nothing about these girls, but I’ve tried to speculate their theoretical Witch forms and their Minions based entirely on the shape of the girls’ Soul Gems.

As with my previous post, these are merely speculations and should only be taken with a grain of salt.

Just to be clear with the key:
1. Tibetan Girl = Margareta
2. Savannah Girl = Alexandra
3. Bear Girl = Theodora
4. Viking Girl = Samantha
5. Pompeii Girl = Karolina

I’m also giving evidence to support my theories:

Margareta (Tibet Girl)
- We are assuming she isn't Walpurgis Night
- Leaf Soul Gem represents happiness and healing
- Looks like the fragile type; probably wished to be healed from some disease
- Probably had a fear of dying
- She’d definitely have a plant theme
- Soon discovered where Witches actually come from
- She saw her Soul Gem was cracking and became scared
- Fairy Witch with a fearful nature?

Alexandra (Savannah Girl)
- Arrowhead Soul Gem represents the warrior and protection
- Looks like she came form a tribal village in Africa
- She wished to protect her village, which was being attacked by a Witch at the time
- She soon had to leave the village due to becoming old enough; she couldn't handle it
- Hunter Witch with a protective nature?

Theodora (Bear Girl)
- Bear Soul Gem symbolizes motherhood, protection, and generosity - - Looks like an optimistic girl
- Probably wished to be able to help others whenever they were down
- Soon discovered the difficulty of fighting witches and helping others and fell into despair at that futuristic park.
- Bear Witch with a generous nature?

Samantha (Viking Girl)
- Moon Soul Gem represents emotions and changing emotions
- Probably a hyperactive girl who’s parents were fighting
- Probably wished for her parents to stop fighting
- She had a thrill fighting Witches
- When her parents fought again and got divorced, she became sad and was unable to stay focused when fighting Witches
- The Valkyrie Witch with a violent nature?

Karolina (Pompei Girl)
- Heart Soul Gem is obvious
- Probably made a wish similar to Sayaka; probably wished for the person she loved to not die
- She must have really loved the person in order to make him happy
- However, the man ran off with a different girl; she became heart-broken
- She may have had fire-based powers based on Pompeii-like area
- The Salamander Witch with a passionate nature?


Once again, you are more than free to draw them as my strength lies in writing.


Hope u like it : )
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Chronicler-of-Soul Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016
Have you considered doing witches for any of the following:

-Umika, Kaoru, Mirai, Kazumi, or Kanna (Kazumi)?
-The Suzune Magica cast?
-Sasa Yuuki (Oriko Magica Extra Story)
-Extra PMs from Mobage?
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really cool witch descriptions. I love your writings and poems :)
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thnx. You're more than welcome to draw them^^
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