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The Scroll Witch.  She has an obsessed nature.  She is devoted to perfection and pays close attention to the smallest details.  She is desperate to show her craft, but her broken mind prevents her from doing so.  She will not be satisfied until her work is complete.

NOTE: Based on Twilight Sparkle's OCD breakdown from "Lesson Zero"

The Witch of the Netherlands.  She has a shortsighted nature.  She loves tulips dearly, and generously shares them with the land around her.  She has only the best of intentions, but her gifts stir up chaos amongst her Minions, and choke out all other beauty within her Barrier.

NOTE: This Witch is based on the unidentified Grief Seed from Episode 8, as seen here, h t t p : / / w i k i . p u e l l a - m a g i . n e t / F i l e : P N _ 6 0 . j p g

The Queen Bee Witch.  She has a selfish nature.  She constantly creates more workers to fulfill her desires.  All of the honey in her Barrier exists for her consumption.  She produces a strange fluid that will solidify anything that touches it.  She does not like to be ignored.

The Desert Witch.  She has a resourceful nature.  She is always moving, but she will never reach her destination.  She never seems to suffer from her pain in the heat.  She will absorb the life force of intruders to sustain her body.  She hates wasteful travelers.

The Skeleton Witch.  She has a morbid nature.  She resides on the highest mountaintop, far away from civilization.  She dances with the souls of her victims in an eternal night.  She kills intruders without hesitation so they may join her paradise.  She will vanish at the sound of the morning bell.

NOTE: This is a "Halloween motif" Witch, inspired by Night on Bald Mountain and Chernabog

The Clock Tower Witch.  She has a stressed nature.  She seeks to be recognized for her perfection.  She is always modifying her body with the newest technology.  However, she will not change the parts of her body she holds dear.  She will never achieve satisfaction with her appearance.

The Voodoo Witch.  She has a tricky nature.  She lives in a world where time does not move.  She tempts humans with the promises of a good life.  She knows many forms of magic, and is willing to share her gift.  Her fortune falls from the price she has paid.  She hopes she will escape from her debt by forcing her curse onto others.

NOTE: The inspiration for Louiza is the "Friends on the Other Side" from The Princess and the Frog.

The Judge Witch.  She has a stubborn nature.  Guided by the ideals of justice, she rules with strong honesty.  She has a firm sense of justice, but she deems everyone to be guilty of the smallest crimes.  She has no regrets of everything she has done or will ever do.  Only the fair can destroy her.

The Witch of Weddings.  She has a pure nature.  Searching for the one who moved her, she moves with the ballroom.  She reminisces of the sounds of a piano for all of eternity.  She will accept no other partner.  She will allow no one to interrupt her special day.

The Witch of Exams. She has an obsessive nature. She lives in a world where all of her scores can be seen. She is always cramming for a test that won't happen. She only desires a perfect score and nothing else. She will allow nothing to interrupt her. One can easily distract her with a blank test.

The Snowman Witch.  She has a creative nature.  She lives in a world where snow and ice never disappear.  She loves to invent many different games for her and her Minions to enjoy.  She constantly drags humans into her world to play with her.  However, she becomes upset when they stop moving.

The Witch of Lion Dancing.  She has an amicable nature.  She is a beautiful and acrobatic Witch.  She performs with only the utmost elegance. She is highly cooperative, and performs well even in complicated, synchronized routines.  

The Samurai Witch.  She has a honorable nature.  She is a noble Witch who battles criminals and other Witches for sake of the innocent people around her.  She cannot be stopped, even in death.  She will fiercely defend that which is dear to her.

The Ninja Witch.  She has a defensive nature.  She is a supreme master of stealth.  She will never allow anyone to sneak up on her.  She is extremely agile and will kill intruders with the greatest silence.  To defeat this Witch, stand your ground and face and attack her head-on.

The Martial Arts Witch.  She has a reckless nature.  She is a master of many styles, but she is not above cheating in order to win.  She fights with the strongest feelings, but she is blinded by pride and fury.  She never feels proud of her victories.  She will continue to fight until there is nothing left.

The Chameleon Witch.  She has a confused nature.  She is always changing her skin in order to fulfill her own desires.  She steals the colors of the human world, but she never feels satisfied with herself.  If one can make her turn one single color, she will believe she is perfect.

NOTE: Camilla is based on "The Mixed-Up Chameleon" the same way Charlotte was based on "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

The Cooking Witch.  She has a lonely nature.  Her culinary skills are amazing, but she has no one to share her talent with.  She drags humans into her human to eat her amazing cuisine.  She will not release them even when they are full.  She hates the criticism of the real world.

The Thunderbird Witch.  She has a egotistic nature.  She lives in a world ruled by dangerous storms.  She rests high upon her mountain, waiting for the world to sing of her glory.  Humans who see her will be petrified by her magnificence.  She will kill liars without hesitation.

The Trickster Witch.  She has a chaotic nature.  Her world is designed like the mind of Dr. Seuss.  She loves to play game when insanity runs loose.  She always laughs to escape her eternal pain.  Only the purest anguish can end her chaotic reign.

The Tiki Witch.  She has an intimidating nature.  She loves to play with fire more than anything else.  She puts on an amazing display of fire to those who enter her realm.  She will direct her rage at those who ignore her display.  Her large face is a decoy for her fragile body.

The Killer Whale Witch.  She has a protective nature.  She will protect anything she considers to be hers.  Those who do not want her protection will have their memories swept away.  Those who harm her friends will be devoured as painfully as possible.  Her song can drives others into madness.

The Locust Witch.  She has a starving nature.  She is always in a state of extreme hunger.  She will consume everything around her.  Though she devours as much as she can, she never feels full.  She will kill anyone who wastes their food, but she will still beg for scraps.

The Totem Pole Witch.  She has a traditional nature.  This Witch is prideful of her ancient heritage.  She is able to speak with the land, sky, and water.  She stands motionless in her Barrier, meditating for unknown reasons.  Although she is one entity, her faces seem to argue with each other.

NOTE: Inspired by this--…

The Puzzle Witch.  She has a curious nature.  She is always asking questions, determined to have them answered.  She stays in a state of concentration, focusing on the puzzle in her hands.  She will become furious if someone solves her puzzles before she does.

NOTE: Inspired by Tetris and the Rubix Cube.

The Cartoon Witch.  She has a rebellious nature.  She lives in a colorful world that defies reality.  She moves along the grey river in search of new adventures.  Although she has no sense of authority, she commands the helm of her ship without purpose, singing a song with a mysterious rhythm.

NOTE: Based on Steamboat Willie + Judge Doom's "Toon" form from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"  The Minions can be Looney Tunes.

The Chain Witch. She has a restrained nature.  She has been locked away, weighed down by the toll of her crimes.  She shows no remorse and aims to be free, but her chains prevent her from doing so.  Her victims will be unable to bear the weight of even the smallest sins.

The Weapon Witch.  She has a hoarding nature.  She is a violent gladiator who always seeks new competition, aiming to be the strongest warrior.  She holds the weapons of her fallen opponents as trophies.  She has no fighting style of her own and relies on the weapons she has collected for combat.

The Bullfighting Witch.  She has a cruel nature.  She does not hesitate to adore an audience.  She allows her victims to suffer as painfully and as slowly as possible.  She will never overreact when forced into a corner.  She is very prideful and will never attack the weak.

The Lotus Witch.  She has a lustful nature.  She represents the fool who has been defeated by temptation.  She aims to pursue her deepest desires.  Anything that touches her will join her in an eternal state of pleasure.  She will offer generosity towards vice.

The Dancing Witch.  She has a defiant nature.  Her moves are always changing, but she never breaks the steps of her routine.  She dances to the rhythm of music that always changes.  She has no one to dance with, so she simply pretends.  Her favorite game is Drug Dog Reinforcement.

NOTE: They said that the Inu Daruma Brothers were not related to Witches in any way, so I decided to have fun with this one.

The Glassblowing Witch.  She has a transparent nature.  She never speaks the secrets entrusted to her by her friends for she is bound to her word.  However, the secrets she holds are visible to all in the glass chambers of her body.  Her molten body shows the true form of all who see her.

The Wild Witch.  She has a defiant nature.  She rules her mysterious forest with a child's heart.  She leads her friends into an eternal wild rumpus.  She will destroy any form of authority that seeks to end her reign.  Her yellow will paralyze anyone who sees her with fear and awe.

NOTE: Inspired by "Where The Wild Things Are."  Part of her design would include the sea monster from the book.

The Insect Witch.  She has a combative nature.  She believes herself to be blessed by the Gods.  She aims to be the strongest warrior and is always looking for a fight.  She fights with a style adapted from nay different warriors.  She is ferocious on the battlefield and will fight her enemies until they can fight no more. 

NOTE: This Witch is inspired by Japanese Bug fights, specifically Beetle Sumo Wrestling

The Computer Witch.  She has a brilliant nature.  She is obsessed with knowledge.  She aims to know everything of the past and future.  She relies on her mind rather than her body for combat.  Despite her intelligence, she will easily become stupefied if there is an answer she does not know.

The Digging Witch.  She has a hardworking nature.  She is always digging, never resting from her mission.  She is extremely territorial and will kill intruders without hesitation.  She expends all her energy to protect her base.  No one knows the reason why she digs or why she doesn't stop.

The Painting Witch. She has an obnoxious nature. She is always painting with the brightest colors.  All of the pictures in her Barrier were painted by her.  She loves to invite humans into her world to view her work, but becomes furious when they ignore her.

NOTE: Lisa Dorianna is meant to represent grade school painting in the middle of Albertine (child scribbling) and Izabel (Renaissance-esque art)

The Baseball Witch.  She has a competitive nature.  She spends her days practicing her balls.  She aims to improve them even further, just a bit faster.  She will only respect those who can hit her throws, but her constant practicing prevents that meeting from happening.

The Yokai Witch.  She has a mischievous nature.  She will only perform her tricks in the night where it is most crowded.  She seeks to be entertained, but none of her victims can live up to her standards.  If one makes her laugh, she will likely return to her realm somewhere.

NOTE: This Witch is inspired by the phenomenon of the Hyakki Yakō.

The Toad Witch.  She has a lazy nature.  She avoids working at all costs.  She prefers to lay on her lily and watch the shifting sky.  She is too cumbersome to spread her disease.  She will not hesitate to devour any human who interrupts her peaceful daydreaming.

The Dinosaur Witch.  She has a pragmatic nature.  She is a fearsome predator.  She efficiently hunts her prey with a style adapted from many other predators.  Despite her frightening appearance, she will kill her prey as quickly and painlessly as she can.

The Cricket Witch.  She has a superstitious nature.  She collects many items of good luck, hoping to increase her chances for a good life.  She is afraid her bad luck will spread to those who do not need it, so she stays locked in her cage.

The Experiment Witch. She has a rejected nature. She absorbs the remnants of Witches who came before her. She drags many humans into her world with hopes of finding a friend. However, her very appearance can drive others into deep fear. If one will embrace for what she is and what she has done, she will fall immediately.

The Vampire Witch. She has an aristocratic nature. She steals the life force of intruders in order to survive. She forces her deepest thoughts onto her victims. She often reminisces of a violin that only plays for her. One who strikes her heart can easily defeat her.

The Lantern Witch. She has a struggling nature. She is very fragile but does everything in her power to keep the light in her body from disappearing. She continues to suffer as time moves around her. No one will ever notice her efforts.

The Ouija Witch. She has a sympathetic nature. She cries for the loss of the Witches who came before her. She takes it upon herself to speak the words of her friends. Unfortunately, she has no voice of her own, so she is ignored. No one will ever reach out to her. She simply allows no one to disturb her seance.

    DESIGN: The witch's main body is a large, flat ouija board hovering a few feet above the ground. A long, ghostly arm rises out of it like a heron's neck, clasping the end of an ornate planchette in its hand. The planchette has a design on the front resembling an eye, and a closed zipper running horizontally along it just underneath. The arm strikes at the board with the planchette like a bird pecking at it; the runes it strikes fly up into the air and spell out words. The runes rotate and flip over to spell out English words (substituting runic F's for A's and O's for S's, for example) but if you actually try to translate them from witch-language instead of reading them as they are it'll wind up as total gibberish. The hand also has a pair of skeletal wings extending out of its wrist. Smaller hands also dart around the witch, rearranging bones and candles lying around, scribbling magic circles on all available surfaces and hoisting grimoires in the air. Also the ghost arm has some bangles and fortune-teller gypsy accessories hangin' off of it. The witch stands guard in front of a gigantic door covered in chains and padlocks. Tiny slots open up in the door, and rolled-up parchments are pusned through them. The witch hurriedly picks them up, reads them, then crams them into a slot in her planchette head without letting anybody else see what's written.

Minion Names
Greetings fellow Madoka-natics (TM),

Here are some new Witch concepts I came up with. I originally had a few but I just couldn't stop thinking XD I also put some notes in so you know what exactly I'm thinking about with some these Witches. I put random names for Minions for safety measures.

Comments are appreciated.

Hope u like it^^


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Scarecrow113 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
What about Disney Princess witches?
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What does glenda the lotus witch look like, and what exactly does she do to her victims?
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About Lala; the Grief Seed that is shown in episode 8 belongs to Uhrmann.
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These rock, especially Cordelia.
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The library witch, her nature is stasis. She sits inside her massive library, reliving her favorite stories again and again. She loathes unexpected change. She will allow humans to walk through her library as long as they do not touch her books and bring new books to her library. Her minions, called Nadyas, look like wandering, faceless ghosts, with a lantern on a chain in place of one arm, and a massive claws on the other, their duty is to protect the library.

The mirror witch, her nature is vanity. Her barrier is a room filled with mirrors, which reflect her as a beautiful woman, and everyone else as monsters. She wants nothing more than to be loved by all. Her minions are tiny, faceless spirits that hold mirrors and makeup. Their duty is to adore her. One can easily escape her attention by pretending to be one of her minions.

I'm planning on using Jean in a fanfic about the earlier lives of the Witches.
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